Thing 19 Altmetrics

It was fascinating to see how many articles I chose in the area of ePortfolios had no altmetrics on at all. The first 48 I selected had no data at all, then number 49 mentioned there was no sharing activity on that article and it took another 30 until I found an article with data … Continue reading Thing 19 Altmetrics

Digital footprint – what info of yours is public

Reading Time: 4 minutes I do a lot of work with students about creating their online presence, especially senior year students who are about to go off into the world and begin life as freelance artists and practitioners. One of the first things I do, …

Thing 15: Digital Curation

  As part of Thing 15, I searched through Tumblr for library specific accounts. Two (active) accounts that stood out to me were the Bodleian Libraries and Turning the Book Wheel by the Smithsonian Libraries. The Bodleian Libraries Tumblr provides an insight into the work at the library from interesting collections finds to conservation work. … Continue reading Thing 15: Digital Curation

Thing 13: Video

To complete Thing 13, I chose to explore Vimeo. I am very accustomed to YouTube and I have even been required to upload projects while at school as part of my university course. I have also used Media Hopper before for work. However, I have only used Vimeo once, to watch one of my favourite … Continue reading Thing 13: Video

Creative Commons

My most popular video on YouTube (by far) is one where I recite the Martin Niemöller poem First They Came for The Communists. It’s been on the site over 10 years and has received to date about 54,000 views. Interestingly the views spiked when Donald Trump came into power – make of that what you … Continue reading Creative Commons