The 2nd of 23 Things

During my far less glamourous day job I happened to come across the University’s 23 Things Programme. In short, it is an initiative to get staff, students etc. to experiment with more digital ways of working and managing content. Item number 2 was blogging.
Now, as a poet who regularly pushes haiku onto Twitter, a performer who takes part in events such as the Edinburgh Horror Festival and an unashamed egotist, I figured I could get this to work. I could sync it up to my social media feeds and send my delirious ramblings into the void.

As for the 23 Things Programme, I am fascinated to see what tools I already use I may find in there and what things I take for granted as being achievable in a certain way that may end up being challenged. Boring me also wants to get a good look at the Information Security implications of encouraging the use of so many web and cloud based platforms. Silly Boring Self!

So while I have to be aware of the University’s Social Media Guidelines etc. you won’t find that much relating to my work in here.
Got it?