Things 3 and 4 of the 23 things

THING 3: Digital Footprint

Have you ever Googled yourself? I have. 

Now, as a fictional persona tied to a far more normal person, I am sharing a rather blended set of results but overall, my digital footprint is pretty solid. I did find some fun items of note that took me down memory lane:
  1. The record of when I tried to get a new Convention for fans of Fantasy and Horror up and running. Sadly it all came to naught, but the Companies House registry entries are still there.
  2. A series of short stories and microfiction I wrote for the Army of Toy Soldiers a few years ago. To this day I am still known for my character The Hot Dog Man, a robot who makes the foodstuff out of human skin collected from the ventilation systems. No regrets!
  3. My poetry on a blog site that caters specifically to bad poets. Knowingly bad, thankfully.
  4. My Google+ account. Wow. That got orphaned pretty quick all considered.
All in all, my digital footprint is fairly well managed. Not so carefully done that I cease to appear as a person and not so messy that I fear for my reputation. In time I hope to increase my exposure while managing it more carefully, especially if next week’s shows go down well.
A quick confession here: I work in Information Security as my day job.
The challenge here was to go through all the permissions I have given to different apps etc. on my phone and to write about what I found. 
Well other than the systems that underpin Android as a whole needing a lot more permissions than people would assume, the answer is: not much.
As part of my job I regularly implore people check the permissions apps ask for before installing them. It’s a weirdly difficult thing to get people to do, but at least I can try to lead by example.
And all that after promising not to bring boring self’s work into it. I may have to publish that poem about Information Security next!