Accessibility – Thing 6

Welcome back! This revealing topic really got me thinking. Thinking about how grateful we should be for our physical and mental health. Health can not be seen as a matter of course – in my eyes it is the most valuable gift, which we really should appreciate. In our daily surrounding inclusion is in progress, … Continue reading Accessibility – Thing 6

The Journey Begins

Hi, This is my start on the 23 things so I am just finding my feet. Technology has moved on since my last IT course about 10 years ago when we created websites writing in code!  I hope this experience will update my skills. Regards, Morag

23 Things List

The inspiration for starting this blog was the 23 Things List for Digital Knowledge of the University of Edingburgh. I … Mehr

Are my Apps spying on me?

While looking at the settings on my phone I was a little bit shocked. Nearly all Apps are using my current location, eventhough I do not think they even need it. Of course GoogleMaps needs my location when planing a route from my current location to my desired destination. However, GoogleMaps only needs to locate … Are my Apps spying on me? weiterlesen


I never really thought about accessibility on the Internet. The articles I read thanks to the 5th thing of 23 Things made me realize how low the inclusion is in some areas on the internet. People easily face disadvantages because of the low awareness for handicaps. I checked two websites that I use regularly and … Continue reading Accessibility

My Digital Footprint

We all have online profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook or somewhere else. You post stuff about you and your life, where you work, the date of your birthday or where you study. Sometimes I have to admit I forget that the Internet never forgets. You always have to remeber „only post things that your mom and … My Digital Footprint weiterlesen

Diversity (Thing 5)

In my opinion, diversity matters on the Internet as much as in real life. It is important that gender and ethnicities are represented. This is why I believe that the introduction of diversified emojis on social media platforms is valid. The implementation might still be improved but the emojis raise awareness for diversity. Now, more … Continue reading Diversity (Thing 5)

Digital Security

I use my Smartphone on a daily basis. Every morning, I check my Facebook and Instagram profiles and look into Snapchat. I also read some news and write my friends or my family on WhatsApp throughout the day. I try to limit the number of apps that I use because I don’t really need much … Continue reading Digital Security

First things first

This is my first blog entry. I want to elaborate what I hope to learn through 23things and what I imagine 23things is like. I hope to amplify my knowledge about digital learning tools and how to make presentations more diversified. Personally, I think 23things is a great way to fullfill my goals thanks to … First things first weiterlesen

My Digital Footprint

I am currently reviewing the 23 Things on Digitalization. Reading about thing 3, Digital Footprint, made me wonder how much I am exposed to the Internet myself. I read the document on e-Professionalism and recognized that I have already considered many of these points in my personal use of social media. I value my privacy … Continue reading My Digital Footprint

Thing 6: Accessibility – Making it possible for everyone to take part in the Digital Cosmos

Hello and welcome back to the Digital Cosmos & I! Personal and physical health can, in my opinion, be seen as a treasure and gift, which we should appreciate and be thankful for. By working and dealing with the sixth Thing, I got an eyes-opening insight on the topic of accessibility. Before reading through the … Continue reading Thing 6: Accessibility – Making it possible for everyone to take part in the Digital Cosmos

Thing 5: Diversity – How to represent others and myself “correctly” in the Digital Cosmos

Hello and welcome back to the Digital Cosmos & I! Emojis. Every student my age knows and used them on an everday basis while sending and typing text messages to family and friends. Over the years, smart phone providers like Apple introduced emojis of almost every skin colour / race to achieve a representation of … Continue reading Thing 5: Diversity – How to represent others and myself “correctly” in the Digital Cosmos