Quick review: Video in HE Symposium

Dominik Lukes, who organised the symposium, started us off with the attempt to assign a name and date to the following quote:https://quoteinvestigator.com/2012/02/15/books-obsoleteI think most of us were rather surprised to hear that Thomas Eddiso…

Thing 8: Facebook

  Intro: no More I last logged into my Facebook profile in December 2015. If not for that, I would probably be writing for the ‘intermediate’ strand of Thing 8. I was a member of Facebook groups, some personal and some professional, and had found the latter a useful way to find out about conferences,… Read more Thing 8: Facebook

Thing 7: Twitter

Chirp chirp, chirp chirp! Oh wait, not that kind of twittering. Other than the six months where I worked for the Leeds Humanities Research Institute as an administrative intern, I have never used twitter, though I occasionally gawk at the feeds of others. I will be following the strand of this post for those who… Read more Thing 7: Twitter

Thing 6: Accessibility

How to make online content accessible is not something I know a lot about but increasingly comes up in my interactions with library users. Services to support our students and staff with disabilities are split across a few different areas of the university, so knowing more about web accessibility can help me anticipate and avoid… Read more Thing 6: Accessibility

Diversity and Self-Representation

The question of how people represent themselves online has been fraught with complexity since the earliest days of social media. I have been intrigued by this for a long time, especially after living in parts of the world which use modified versions o…

Online Security

Online security is not something to take lightly. Fortunately, I have been aware of the risks for a long time. The one foremost in my mind is the risk of identity theft: someone uses my name, picture, and a few details to impersonate me. I can be use…


For most of us Wikipedia is the first stop on any research journey, but I have been finding out there is so much more to the wonderful world of Wikimedia. From bucket loads of quotes for when your inspiration takes a dip on Wikiquote, to free to use music on Wikimedia Commons, if I had … Continue reading wiki’d

Thing 5: Diversity

In this post, I will reflect on diversity and representation in online communication. The prompt for this post asks us to focus on this through the lens of emojis/emotions and the release of diverse emoji choices in 2015 by Apple and 2016 by Facebook. EMOJIS The initial controversy over the release of diverse emojis almost… Read more Thing 5: Diversity

Pony spotting

If you’ve watched all of my Youtube videos and STILL have nothing better to do, go to Google Hangouts, start a chat with anyone and type in /ponystream If it doesn’t make your mouth curl up at the sides just a tiny wee bit you are probably dead inside. I spotted a flaming pony, a … Continue reading Pony spotting


You might have already heard before that “librarians are the original search engine”. I certainly have, at least twice since beginning this degree. It got me thinking though about the trend of automating and digitising key functions. Thinking of my own…

Commonwealth of Data

One of the funny things that’s come up in my readings is the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (A. A. C. R.). The idea behind it was that people should be able to read and decode any catalogue/library entry, by use of a common format. The fact of the ex…