Thing 7 – Twitter

I completed this Thing as a beginner. The first thing I learned was that I had set up a Twitter account in November 2010 and had not posted a single tweet! I still haven’t and I’m not sure that I ever will. I find the application intuitive and very easy to use – it is […]

Thing 4 – Digital Security

This week Digital Security was the topic surrounding “Thing 4”. After reading the Smartphone Security Informationprovided by the Information Commissioner’s Office, I’d say I’m quite secure when using phones as I use pin protected passwords and on …

Rare find

I started volunteering in a collection at the Queensland Museum last week. Specifically, I’m in the Science Centre, which was merged with the museum years ago. This was the highlight of my day: a nearly ancient book, still intact, resting comfortably i…

Thing 10: Wikimedia

I am writing this post listening to the sound of Wikipedia being edited in real time. The one sound I never hear is silence, a powerful reminder of the site’s pervasiveness. The task of Thing 10 is to spend some time with Wikipedia by playing the Wikipedia Adventure Game, a tutorial designed to teach new… Read more Thing 10: Wikimedia

Thing 6

Accessibility Accessibility refers to how easy or applicable it is for everyone to access or use a resource/tool. When I was reading the articles, one concept on accessibility, I never really would have categorized here previous. That was the idea of gendered language or terms, and encouraging inclusivity. Apparently, the most common example of this […]

Heroic Librarianship

Heroic CuratorsWe don’t often associate the work of librarians, archivists, or curators as being particularly heroic. Frequently though, they have been, and I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this in the past few weeks. Most recently, this piece al…

Thing 3 – Digital Footprint

Hi everyone, I’m back with Thing 3 to cover Digital Footprint, which is basically described as the print(information) we leave behind in the digital world. Apparently, the first and best place to start is by Googling yourself, so that’s what I did!&nbs…

Thing 6 – Accessibility

Years ago my husband and I started a little import business and built our website from scratch. We spent hours planning the content and working on our site.  The topic of accessibility was an eye opener for me.  I learned many things but mainly I learned how uninformed and ignorant I was about the range […]

Thing 5 – Diversity

I have enjoyed using emoji’s since they were introduced and had no idea of the hidden meaning behind some of them.  To me a peach is a peach! The use of emoji’s make messages more personal and I think everyone should be able to choose emoji’s which are representative of their person, culture and beliefs.  […]

Thing 4: Digital Security

This was a worthwhile and long overdue exercise. I was quite pleased with my permissions settings on my device – only one app had been given unneccessary permissions.  This was a game my son had installed. I downloaded the My Permissions app through the Apple Store and was surprised to find that three apps had […]

Thing 3 – Digital Footprint

I didn’t find much about myself on Google and DuckDuckGo, but what I did find was terribly out of date. My LinkedIn profile picture was an inappropriate professional choice and the information old and not a reflection of my current professional role. I’ve reviewed my platform privacy settings as a result of this module, and […]