Sound: Thing 14 of 23

Soundcloud. This time I investigated Soundcloud.
Damn there is a lot of stuff on there. For my highlighted track, I played it a little safe and decided to see what my favourite metal record label had thrown up there.


Babylonian Pandemonium by Cavalera Conspiracy on Soundcloud

So what I found was that Napalm Records had a channel on there with a whole heap of stuff, which is great. I looked for something new, yet familiar, having loved both Sepultura and Soulfly but never listened to Cavalera Conspiracy until now.

The request for this post was that I think about this would be of use to me and the answer is: in a variety of ways:

  1. I can put my poetry up on here for people to listen to (if they really are that crazy)
  2. I can find new bands to listen to and rediscover bands I thought had broken up (hello American Head Charge!)
  3. I can dig into some more unusual discourse and commentary. Soundcloud is abound with weird and wonderful content, limited only by the insanity (and banality) of those willing to post content.
So yeah. Soundcloud is pretty ace. It’s not perfect. It can be hard to find things unless you know just what you are looking for and there is a lot of content that is of questionable legality in there (from a copyright standpoint at least) but it does what it does well and I hope it keeps on rolling for some time yet.
P.S. I am danovvalravn on Souncloud.