Tumblr: Thing 15 of 23

Oh Gods….
What a mess this one was.
The task was for me to find a blog on Tumblr about my hobby. Well, at least I can say I tried.

Dungeons and Dragons is just way too popular at the moment and other pen and paper roleplay games are being shoved aside to make way for the big boy on campus. Even when I managed to find something that didn’t relate to D&D it was another D20 system game. I just…. there aren’t words.

Having been playing roleplay games for a long, long time and pushed to play as many different games and styles as I could to try new things, watching the hobby get railroaded into the “One Game to Rule Them All” mentality is thoroughly disheartening. So much so that I can actually say I have effectively failed a 23 Things assignment.

Or so I thought…

Eventually a I found a blog that acted more as an aggregation tool for news from elsewhere.

 The guy made a few posts and then burned out, but that’s okay. What’s there isn’t all about D&D, which for me, was progress enough.
I got a kick out of reading the articles he had linked to and it beat looking at D&D artwork or pictures of dice.

Tumblr: Perhaps not for me….