Geolocation: Thing 17 of 23

The road is long. The path is steep.
I am trying to try everything and power through the last few things. To have come so far and not make it would just be sad.

So, geolocation. Ot more specifically, geocaching.

The Geocaching app is big on making you pay to go geocaching.
It’s more like Geo Kaching! Am I right?

My cynicism about their pricing model aside, GeoCaching is a pretty cool concept. Scavenger hunting, leaving gifts and clues behind. It’s awesome.
It is also immensely frustrating when you are close to something and just cannot find it. Or you try to do it on a lunchbreak and run out of time. Or you wish you had more time around convention season and family and catching up with work….

Nothing comes easy, but with geocaching it can be fun. Just make sure the person left decent clues as GPS alone will only get you so close.