Games! – Thing 21 of 23

So I went off script again…

Basically, my issues with Flash (mainly that it is not wonderfully secure) meant that I was somewhat limited in what I could use/do for this assignment. So what I did do was find an alternative game. 

An alternative game?

Yep. The game I found is called “The Weakest Link” and is a classic little choose your own adventure type thing that tests you on how good you are at Information Security in the workplace. Sounds boring but is a lot more fun than one would assume.
I actually use this game with people for work to help them think about the consequences of their actions (or inaction). So describing it as useful is entirely accurate here. It also helps to make what is seen as a relatively unsexy subject a bit more InfoSecxy. #puns

Back on script with

So the other thing I looked at was a simple set of coding exercises to create my own version of flappy bird. It was quick, brightly coloured and totally irritating, so entirely true to the flappy bird ethos. 
The actual interface for doing the programming was a series of interactive blocks which made things easy and surprisingly fun. I would certainly reccomend to anybody looking to try something a little different and start to understand the absolute basics of how code works.
Why back in my day, the basics were BASIC and having to manually type in line numbers to ensure your code ran in the right order.
*sighs* What times we had. 
Full on programming requires a little more work but what a great way to get a grip on the theory!