Fun? – Thing 22 of 23

This is one of my shortest blog posts because I ran headfirst at it in the hope of generating more material and ended up doing more filming than writing…
Also it is the week before Eurovision and preparation for that takes precedence.

So I played with dubsmash….

 Looks fun right? Well it is. Dubsmash is an app that lets you film new video sections for a load of pre-recorded clips.

Dubsmash should not be called Dubsmash…

For those of us in the know, dubbing is recording sound to be played over video.
Dubsmash has you make video for playing with a sound clip….
That is not dubbing….
Maybe dubsmash should be called Mimecraft? would they get sued?

This is Dubbing!

Also, Kung Pow is a fantastically odd movie.

With that said…

Dubsmash is pretty amusing. Not my cup of tea for the reason above (it’s not dubbing!) but I can see why people get into it. The community is varied and at times incredibly gifted and/or weird, so there is a lot to see in there. 
All I need now is just an app for dubbing over existing video and not the other way around.