Video: Thing 13 of 23

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaahhh! I’m halfway there!
That’s right. I am now over 50% through the 23 things. What a moment!

Thing 13 is all about video online. Now my bread and butter (and that of most folks) is the monolithic monster that is YouTube. I watch a number of different channels and have a few playlists of my own on there. Some relating to my love of Weird Al Yankovich, some following classic TV shows (Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and Knightmare for starters…) and one playlist I leave open to share with others. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: The Eurovision Song Contest Playlist.

It is an open playlist I created, which means it is shared with everybody and it runs off a whole load of songs from the Eurovision Song Contest that I happen to like.
In order to keep everything above board, I have endeavoured to only include videos from Eurovision’s own channel. It gets them more views and I know everything I have included has an appropriate license.

I very much appreciate the ability to add notes to a playlist. It does however mean I now feel obliged to add notes to each song I included giving a line or two of detail why I included it.
It also means that when I start to make smaller playlists on a given topic, such as great choreography or costume, I can refer to the notes to know what to include.