Altmetrics: Thing 19 of 23

Gods! I am so close now I can almost taste victory.

So today I was looking into Altmetrics. It’s an interesting tool for looking at engagement with scientific journals and articles. I picked something contemporary and relating to my work.
Nature: Regulate AI to Avert Cyber Arms Race

It’s a nice high level article around how there is a need to regulate how nation states utilise AI as part of the cyber security defenses and whether the ability to use it offensively against detected aggressors should be limited.
So as requested in the assignment I fired up altmetrics on the article and saw what came out. If you have read my blog before you’ll know success was far from guaranteed….

The sharp eyed among you will be quick to notice the related news articles were not related in the slightest….
To give altmetrics its due, all the other data was far more accurate with breakdowns of interactions on twitter, overall scores on engagement as a whole and demographic data breaking down the types of people who interacted with the article.
It was pretty damn good actually. It would have been even better had I felt like the target audience though. This is very much a tool that feels like it has been designed for researchers and academics. These stats are in depth and made rather pretty in the interface but in terms of what use I would make of them, as a layman, they are pretty limited.

If however you are some kind of data scientist, statistician or academic, then altmetrics is well worth a look. Very easy to use, nice clean interface and pleasing deep in terms of the data.