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My most popular video on YouTube (by far) is one where I recite the Martin Niemöller poem First They Came for The Communists. It’s been on the site over 10 years and has received to date about 54,000 views. Interestingly the views spiked when Donald Trump came into power – make of that what you … Continue reading Creative Commons


For most of us Wikipedia is the first stop on any research journey, but I have been finding out there is so much more to the wonderful world of Wikimedia. From bucket loads of quotes for when your inspiration takes a dip on Wikiquote, to free to use music on Wikimedia Commons, if I had … Continue reading wiki’d

Copyright and Creative Commons: Thing 11 of 23

The challenge this time around was to find two images I was using for a presentation in my field and doing a review of how they were licensed and what that means. In my enthusiasm I have gone a step farther. I have taken two images and then combin…

Thing 19: Altmetrics

This is a cross-post between WordPress and Medium. I’ve been writing for more years than I can remember – spanning all sorts of things, from song lyrics and travel writing to technical instructions and book forewords. I’ve yet to complete a full length book, but I did manage to hit a different achievement this year, … Continue reading “Thing 19: Altmetrics”

Thing 12 – OERs

“Knowledge Sharing” by Ewa Rozkosz is licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 2.0. The SSSC Learning Technology team strongly believe in the principles of OER, and as such, has made much of its work available in formats which allow others to use the information to develop their own resources. It’s been licensed under a Creative Commons…

Thing 11 – Copyright

Thing 11 – Copyright As a trainer and educator, I’ve had to give *a lot* of presentations over the years, and often find myself looking for images to make the PowerPoint/Prezi/Keynote a bit more interesting. These have all taken place during my employment with various NGOs, charities and Universities, so I rather lazily assumed that…

23 Things: Thing 11 & 12 Copyright and OER

First of all a confession – I can get quite emotional about copyright and licensing :’} So emotional in fact that Jane Secker’s ALT Conference keynote Copyright and e-learning: understanding our privileges and freedoms  actually brought a wee tear to my eye.  You might think I’m making this up but it’s true, and the reason why is that […]

Thing 11: Copyright

I love the Creative Commons Search Tool – It’s on my browser tool bar and is my go to choice for image searching. When I’m putting together presentations, I either use my own photographs, so I have the copyright, or images I’ve sourced from here with appropriate CC licences. I recently put together a presentation … Continue reading Thing 11: Copyright

23 Things: 11 copyright


The weeks are flying by. I was hoping to backtrack on a few things this week but Week Six. Copyright, OERs and Creative Commons – 23 Things popped into my inbox and thing 11 is quite timely. Here and there I’ve blogged here about copyright quite a bit, but it is a constantly interesting subject. […]