Thing 15 – Digital Curation

Locate a Tumblr blog in your field or hobby of interest and share this on your blog. OR Search the web for stories about Storify and other content platforms that have closed down, and reflect on why it can be important to own and backup your own content. For this post I think I’ll concentrate…

Thing 8: Facebook

I started using Facebook when I was 13 and during the first week of the 23Things course, I went through all of my Facebook settings and my profile to ensure everything was up to date and my privacy was protected (as much as possible). So I am quite familiar with Facebook. I use Facebook groups … Continue reading Thing 8: Facebook

Thing 7: Twitter

  At first, I did not think Thing 7 was particularly interesting. I set up a Twitter account a few years ago, to understand the platform while I was working with arts promotion. However, I never understood the appeal of the platform. I often found myself inundated with unnecessary, and often negative, information and I … Continue reading Thing 7: Twitter

Thing 14 – Audio, Podcasts and SoundCloud

Find a podcast or a SoundCloud track (which could be music, a podcast, an interview, a reading, etc.) and share this on your blog with a short post about how podcasts or SoundCloud could be useful to you. I could spend a bit speculating about how podcasts COULD be useful to me, but instead I’ll…

Thing 13 – Video

Thing 13 takes a quick look at YouTube, Vimeo, and Media Hopper. I first started my YouTube account in my very first grad class, Video Design for Learning. It was a convenient way for me to share my work. I continued to use it through grad school. (I think the first assignment was to make…

Bonus Thing C

Have you or would you now consider creating and sharing any of your own materials as OER? Write an additional post sharing your own OER or reflecting on what OER you may/may not want to openly licence. This week’s things seem to be in my wheelhouse. As I mentioned previously, I first started learning about…

Thing 12 – OER

In hindsight I could have maybe written more in Thing 11, as I didn’t read ahead and made some assumptions about what would appear in Thing 12. I think the Bonus Thing C is more what I was expecting for Thing 12. Anyway, for this Thing, we’ve been asked to: Step 1 Explore Open.Ed and the Edinburgh…

Thing 11 – Copyright

I first encountered the idea of Creative Commons at the end of my B.Ed program, and deeper dive into it in one or two of my M.Ed program courses. I have attended workshops, courses, conferences, etc. and even delivered training and written online course notes about Creative Commons licensing. I also managed all of the…

Thing 9 – Web Conferencing

Thing 9 in 23ThingsEdUni is actually titled Google Hangouts / Collaborate Ultra. Video/web conferencing software has been a bit of a crap shoot in my experience. I have experience with Blackboard’s Elluminate (back in the day as a student), Collaborate (as a participant as far back as ETMOOC), Adobe Connect (branded as eClass Live!), and…

Thing 10 – Wikimedia

All through high school and college, Wikipedia was my most-used resource to gather general information on any topic I planned on researching. I did not want to set-up a Wikipedia account, but upon further reading I learned that Wikipedia offered a number of other open knowledge projects: I was amazed by all of the information … Continue reading Thing 10 – Wikimedia

Thing 9 – Collaborate Ultra

Through my studies at the University of Edinburgh I have been given the chance to work with, and within, Collaborate. As an online student, being able to connect with my classmates and professors is an invaluable resource. Working through a master’s program with little to no contact with the university is a lonely, and often … Continue reading Thing 9 – Collaborate Ultra

Thing 8 – Facebook

Like many people my age, I’ve had a Facebook profile for many years. Over that time I became more aware of the array of features that Facebook offers its users. One of these features is Facebook Groups. Since graduation, I have used Facebook Groups for a number of reasons, both professional and personal. One of … Continue reading Thing 8 – Facebook