Wikiquote: Thing 10 of the 23 Things

My current challenge in the 23 things is the Wikipedia/Wikimedia/Wiki wiki wild wild west challenge. I decided I wanted to pass up Wikipedia itself as I am sure there will be a number of takers for delving into that great and noble repository of man’s …

Thing 8. Facebook

The digital legacy page was interesting. It’s important to consider what will happen in the same way you prepare for the closing of other aspects of your life. Having had some of  my Facebook friends pass away over the  years I’ve w…

Diversity and Emojis

Trying to be political correct all the time can be taxing. I know I have said the wrong thing on occasion when my words had been twisted. In terms of the emoji conversation about  whether they should have a skin colour and Apple’s attempts at diversifying the emoji selection – I agree that’s it unnecessary. … Continue reading Diversity and Emojis

2nd Thing

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Thing 2: Blog and Blogging

My very first blog was set up last week and I found blogging as a good way to disconnect my thinking from my PhD project.  So far I’ve been enjoying it and here we go again! I hope that once I progress to the next things (Thing 3 and so on), I will be more comfortable… Continue Reading →

Thing 7 – Twitter

I’ve never really got to grips with Twitter. It seemed to me the Twittersphere was for mutual admiration and back slapping. However I spent some time tonight going through the twitter guides in Thing 7 and can now see I was only scr…

Google Hangouts: Thing Number 9 of 23 Things

Thing number 9. Google Hangouts. This is a thorny one. Before I begin with my thoughts on Google Hangouts, it is probably worth clarifying my digital history and how that very obviously is going to colour my view.For instant messaging I have used …

Thing 6 – Accessibility

What a great course this has been so far. I’ve learnt something new in every activity.It must have been about the mid 90’s when I got my first Nokia mobile phone. I remember it went off when I was on the bus and the entire bus turned around t…

A Rather Faint Footprint

My digital footprint often worries me the most about the internet – what if I say something stupid and it’s on the web forever, never to be deleted? And this reluctance in digital fluency was pretty much reflected when I Googled my name. There’s a Pedagoo teaching account I’ve never used and a Pinterest account … Continue reading A Rather Faint Footprint

Facebook: Thing 8 of the 23 Things

So, as part of this 23 things journey we are asked to confront the beast, the giant that squats over all social media, trying desperately to scoop new channels into its gaping maw. That’s right. Thing #8 is all about Facebook.Confession time: I have be…