Thing 8: Facebook

Facebook is HUGE back in where I’m from. No kidding. It’s literally everyone using Facebook. And I have been playing around its features since undergrad. From my experience, Facebook by far is the most convenient and useful tool for either personal use, professional development, or work. I created and joined groups for various coursework and…

Library Services semester 1 2018

Get ready for semester 1 with the following Library services:

Reserve collection

The Print Reserve Collection may include print books, audiovisual items, lecture notes, or other material provided by lecturers and teachers. Please fill in the Reserve form and submit to or

The eReserve service will assist you to make course related documents available in an electronic format.  These documents will be added to the Library’s e-Reserve collection and a link supplied to you for use in Canvas.

Request books and DVDs
You can request library books and AV materials via the Library request form.
Prescribed and recommended textbooks can be ordered via the Library textbook request form.

Library research skills classes
Contact your Liaison Librarian to arrange a library class.  The types of sessions available include library orientation, LibrarySearch and database searching, research skills, and Endnote.

Information for academics and teachers

Please see Information for academics and teachers for more details and other services including copyright, reading list linking and booking AV materials for screening in class.  Contact your liaison librarian if you have any questions.

Thing 1&2

Hello! This is the first blog of my 23 things. I am doing the 23 things programme in order to learn about digital content creation as part of my Edinburgh award. Hopefully by the end of this I will have a better idea about how websites work. I had no idea that there was a […]

Thing 7: Twitter

Just deleted my Twitter account several days ago. Because I rarely use it. Twitter Tips: How I used social media to find jobs  Students: Tweet your way to a job These two articles are really useful. I realise that Twitter is common in EU and US context, after reading them, I am considering setting up…

Thing 6: Accessibility

User-friendly design is not a new concept these years; so, creating user-friendly content is not new either nowadays. However, I do find some new things which I haven’t noticed. For example, videos should be subtitled or accompanied by a transcript for those with hearing impairments and feature descriptions for those with visual impairments. (See Thing…

Thing 5: Diversity

What in the world does emoji have anything to do with diversity? That was the first thought comes to mind when I read Thing 5. It was interesting reading these 2 articles (See The Washington Post and Huffpost) which present opposite opinions towards the same thing. I respect that both authors have their opinions. However, I cannot…

Thing 4: Digital Security

Overall the apps on my phone request access to reasonable functions like camera, microphone, photo gallery and such. Not many surprises out there. Because I already shut down every feature I do not wish them to have access to. Only one thing – the local recently downloaded bus tracking app reads my contact information, which…

Thing 3: Digital Footprint

Googled and searched myself on DuckDuckGo, here’s what I found – Yep that’s right. Nada. The only thing I found about myself are a few Facebook posts I’ve been tagged in my previous work. And that’s it. Myself do not show up on other search results as well (because I am bilingual so I tried my…

Video: Thing 13 of 23

Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaahhh! I’m halfway there!That’s right. I am now over 50% through the 23 things. What a moment!Thing 13 is all about video online. Now my bread and butter (and that of most folks) is the monolithic monster that is YouT…

Kick off 23 Things!

I used to be managing social media content for undergrad projects. Most of the times I learned everything by doing, but oftentimes I was not sure about what should I post or how to manage the quality of the posts, even to set up a sound plan for a specific organisation to develop their unique social…