My participation in 23 Things

From completing 23 things my aim  is to expand my data and digital skills set. This is the beginning of my journey digital literacy.

Welcome to my blog.

I am a library officer at the library of the University of Technology in Sydney Australia. This  blog will be a collection of my random thoughts and observations on many topics

winning things

Well done to the 23 Things Team. Winners of the Credo Digital Literacy Award at Lilac Conference 2017!


A couple of things have prompted today’s post. One was a session I ran yesterday for our School of Health in Social Sciences on building a research vision. Unsurprisingly, as part of the workshop we talked about where the time to do this would come from so the talk turned to time management. I have … Continue reading 80%

Thing 7 – Twitter

Twitter is one of those things that I’ve had for a while but I could never really get into.  On my original profile I followed a couple of my friends (not many were using it) and loads of celebrities.  I got… Continue Reading →

Thing 3 & 4

Google didn’t seem to know me (unless I added University of Edinburgh and then I was second), although I did come up in 192 results from old electoral roll information. That was slightly worrying as it appears it would be really easy to find someone’s address there. Otherwise, I was quite please that I don’t feature. I…

Thing 6 – Accessibility

For Thing 6 (Accessibility) we’re asked to read through a collection of scenarios of people with disabilities using the web.  As I read through them I realise that there’s a lot about ‘surfing the web’ that I take for granted.  I generally… Continue Reading →

What I hope to gain

So, I’m hoping to develop my digital skills generally. I also hope this will help me improve my blogging ability. (I already have a personal blogspace which I’d like to use more effectively.) With the digital transformation agenda at the University, I’m hoping this will help me understand what can be achieved using the tools…