Thing 2 (and 1):

I came across the 23 Things programme whilst interning in the Educational Design and Engagement division of University of Edinburgh…

Thing 2 step 3

Alright step 3, got an email from Charlie (Stephanie Farley) from 23things and that was a really nice reminder of keeping up with the program. I met some library collegues from the southern region of Sweden the other day discussing a possible translation and launch of the 23 things in swedish. We discussed the importance … Fortsätt läsa Thing 2 step 3

My participation in 23 Things

From completing 23 things my aim  is to expand my data and digital skills set. This is the beginning of my journey digital literacy.

Welcome to my blog.

I am a library officer at the library of the University of Technology in Sydney Australia. This  blog will be a collection of my random thoughts and observations on many topics

winning things

Well done to the 23 Things Team. Winners of the Credo Digital Literacy Award at Lilac Conference 2017!