23Things – Thing 7

Thing 7 was a highly relevant area for me – Twitter. As I approach the end of my internship, which includes the words “social media” in its title, I am able to reflect on the range of tools and strategies I’ve used in the context of this area, Twitter having been very much a part … Continue reading 23Things – Thing 7

23Things – Thing 6

Number six’s theme focuses on accessibility, an area which I had to pay close attention to when I first started my role. When I carried out my EdWeb training, an online content management system that I’ve used to write features and articles on my School’s website, much of the training we received was on how … Continue reading 23Things – Thing 6

23Things – Thing 5

So Thing 5 – Diversity. I was sadly unable to create my own via the website, so have instead inserted my old Bitmoji for referencing purposes.. The issue of diversity within social media is a topic of increasing importance and when it comes to seemingly harmless cartoon images, as the recommended articles pointed out, there is still a potential … Continue reading 23Things – Thing 5

23Things – Thing 4

It’s been a while since I last posted and with only two weeks left of my internship and still twenty ‘Things’ left to cover, I’m making the most of the time I have currently! Thing number 4 focuses on digital security, a hot topic at the moment. I was tasked for this post to look … Continue reading 23Things – Thing 4

23 Things – Thing 4

I thought the documents to read for Thing 4 had some really good tips and advice. At first I didn’t … More

23Things – Thing 3

The concept of googling yourself is never a nice thought however, being that all of my personal social media accounts have strong privacy settings, not much came up for me, despite my more unusual name. With the exception of an old high school news feature and a documents of minutes from a meeting I attended, … Continue reading 23Things – Thing 3

23 Things blog post 1

I’m participating in 23 Things for Digital Knowledge as part of my Employ.ed on Campus internship, and I hope it will advance my knowledge and skills in this area, which is one of my development goals for this internship. I’ve never written a blog before so this in itself is a new digital knowledge skill … Continue reading 23 Things blog post 1

23 Things – Thing 3

Thing 3 I must admit I was a little nervous about Googling myself. I previously thought I didn’t have that … More

Thing 14 Audio – Podcasts

I have been using podcasts with the students and teachers I work with since their inception. They have developed so much in a short time and the addition of easy to use apps to help access them on mobile devices revolutionised the engagement of my students. In the bad old days students could borrow a … Continue reading Thing 14 Audio – Podcasts